Thursday, January 13, 2011

365, and...GO!!

Yes, I have been a LITTLE behind on my "Picture A Day" Challenge. I apologize, but not really, because I am about to make up for it! I am going to take as many pictures from the last 13 days that I can, and put them ALL in this awesome post right here. WARNING: some of these photographs MAY contain images and/or glimpses of my husband. But give me a break, I am working with the only subject that I've got okay? Ready.. SET... GO!!

2.ACTION SHOT & 3.AIRBORNE- Thank you Gran Turismo

5.AMAZING- as my husband would say


10.ART-a beautiful quilt made for us by a good friend


7 out of 13 :]

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Lindsey Spencer said...

You are awesome Lynds! I love seeing your work!